Biweekly Philosophy Seminars

Autumn 97


  I Know What You Mean, Though, Not By Simulation  (Abstract)

  Ali Yousefi Heris, IPM

  October 8, 2018


  A Philosophical Discussion on Schizophrenia: Thought Insertion  (Abstract)

  Seyed Payam Kamaneh, IPM

  October 22, 2018


  The Dispositional Architecture of Epistemic Reasons (Abstract)

  Hamid Vahid, IPM

  November 5, 2018


  Wright on Davidson's Account of Self-Knowledge (Abstract)

  Ali Hosseinkhani, IPM

  November 19, 2018


  Fichte on the Constitution of Subject through “Recognition”  (Abstract)

  Arash Abazari, IPM

  December 3, 2018


  Ideal/Non-Ideal Debate and Feasibility Issue in Political Philosophy  (Abstract)

   Omid Karimzadeh, Shahid Beheshti University

  December 24, 2018


  Unity of Cognitive processes: Mechanical or Structural?  (Abstract)

   Majid Davoodi Bani, Amirkabir University of Technology

   December 31, 2018


  Bundle Theory and the Problem of Intrinsic Change  (Abstract)

   Mahmoud Morvarid, IPM

   January 14, 2019



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