Biweekly Philosophy Seminars

Winter 1400 & Spring 1401



  On Robert Adams' account of goodness (Abstract)

  Abbas Kazemi, IPM

  March 14, 2022


 Science as an institution, scientific institutions, and narrative rationality in Iran (Abstract)

  Reza Mansouri, Sharif University of Technology; IPM

 April 25, 2022


  Platonic Causes and Metaphysical Grounding (Abstract)

 Atefeh Esmaeili , University of Tehran

 May 30, 2022


 The Problem of Other Minds: A Phenomenological Approach (Abstract)

 Abootaleb Safdari, University of Bermen, Germany

 June 6, 2022


  In Defense of the Fundamental Quantifier in the Ontology Room (Abstract)

  Marziye Lotfi, IPM

  June 20, 2022



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