Biweekly Philosophy Seminars

Autumn 99


  Intention and Consequentializing Ethics  (Abstract)

  Amir Saemi, IPM

  October 12, 2020


 Social Emotions in Cognitive Neuroscience  (Abstract)

  Khatereh Borhani, Shahid Beheshti University

  October 26, 2020


  Bolzano’s Semantics of Natural Kind Terms (Abstract)

  Sajed Tayebi, IPM

  November 9, 2020


  Fichte on Embodied Self-Consciousness (Abstract)

  Arash Abazari, Sharif University, IPM

  November 23, 2020


 Intention and Judgement-Dependence  (Abstract)

  Ali Hosseinkhani, IPM

  December 7, 2020


 Blameworthiness, Widescopism, and Objectivism about Moral Obligation (Abstract)

  Mahmoud Morvarid, IPM

  December 21, 2020




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