Biweekly Philosophy Seminars

Autumn 97


  I Know What You Mean, Though, Not By Simulation  (Abstract)

  Ali Yousefi Heris, IPM

  October 8, 2018


  A Philosophical Discussion on Schizophrenia: Thought Insertion  (Abstract)

  Seyed Payam Kamaneh, IPM

  October 22, 2018


  The Dispositional Architecture of Epistemic Reasons (Abstract)

  Hamid Vahid, IPM

  November 5, 2018


  Wright on Davidson's Account of Self-Knowledge (Abstract)

  Ali Hosseinkhani, IPM

  November 19, 2018


  Fichte on the Constitution of Subject through “Recognition”  (Abstract)

  Arash Abazari, IPM

  December 3, 2018


  Political Normatively and Ideal Theories in Political Philosophy  (Abstract)

   Omid Karimzadeh, Shahid Beheshti University

  December 24, 2018


  To be announced  (Abstract)

   Majid Davoodi Bani, Amirkabir University of Technology

   December 31, 2018


  To be announced  (Abstract)

   Mahmoud Morvarid, IPM

   January 14, 2019



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