Biweekly Philosophy Seminars

Autumn 1400


  Response-Dependence and Immunity from Error: Against Holton (Abstract)

  Ali Hosseinkhani, IPM, Iranian Research Institute of Philosophy

  October 11, 2021


 The Normative Character of Belief: A Case for Pluralism (Abstract)

  Alireza Kazemi, Sharif University

  October 25, 2021


 No Practical Reasons for Belief: The Epistemic Significance of Practical Considerations (Abstract)

  Hamid Vahid, IPM

  November 8, 2021


  Hegel's conception of "multiple modernities" (Abstract)

  Arash Abazari, Sharif University, IPM

  November 22, 2021


 The necessity of reality or indeterminism based on Aristotle's temporal approach to modalities  (Abstract)

  Seyed Amirali Mousavian, Shahid Beheshti University

  December 6, 2021


 Evil, Progress, and the Evaluation of the World (Abstract)

  Seyed Mohsen Eslami, IPM, Tarbiat Modares University

  December 20, 2021


 Predication: Neutral, Committal, or Modally Committal (Abstract)

  Faraz Ghalbi, IPM

  January 3, 2022




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