Biweekly Philosophy Seminar

Winter 94 & Spring 95


What’s Wrong with Gallagher’s Pattern Theory of Self  (Abstract)

Majid Davoody Beni Amirkabir University of Technology

february 29, 2016


Individual and Value: An Axiological Survey of Individual (Abstract)

Alireza sayad Mansour, University of Tehran

March 14, 2016


Paul Thom on Verity Propositions (Abstract)

Asadollah Fallahi,  Iranian Institute of Philosophy

April 11, 2016


On The Epistemic Rationality of Acceptance of Divine Command: “Do not be Faithless” (Abstract)

Ebrahim Azadegan,  Sharif University of Technology

April 25, 2016


Benefit of Easement and the Primary Procedural Principle: A Contemporary Debate in Usual al-Figh (Abstract)

Mahmoud Morvarid, IPM

May 9, 2016


Totality States of Affairs and Minimal Thruthmakers (Abstract)

Mohsen Zamani, IPM

May 16, 2016


What’s Wrong with Representationalism  (Abstract)

Yaser Pouresmaeil,  IPM

May 30, 2016




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