Biweekly Philosophy Seminar

Autumn 95



A Dispositional Account of Propositional and Doxastic Justification (Abstract)

Hamid Vahid, IPM

October 24, 2016


Is Ontology Trivial? (Abstract)

Seyed N. Mousavian, IPM

November 7, 2016


The Virtue of open-mindedness; Definition and Kinds (Abstract)

Abolghasem Fanaei, Mofid University

November 21, 2016


Against the New Route to the Necessity of Origin (Abstract)

Sajed Tayyebi, IPM

December 5, 2016


Simplicity and Epistemic Conservatism (Abstract)

Alireza Fatollahi, Princeton University

December 19, 2016


A Challenge for Kantian Constitutivism (Abstract)

Amir Saemi, IPM

January 2, 2017


Instances of Semantic Analyses in Islamic Philosophy (Abstract)

Reza Akbari,  Imam Sadiq University 

January 16, 2017



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