Biweekly Philosophy Seminars

Winter 99 & Spring 1400



  On Evolution of Scientific Models (Abstract)  

  Mohammad Mehdi Sheikh Jabbari, IPM

  February 15, 2021


 Grammar in Optimality Theory (Abstract)

        Mahmoud Bi Jen Khan, University of Tehran

   March 1, 2021


  Avicenna on the Semantics of Ma'na (Abstract) 

  Seyed N. Mousavian, IPM

  March 15, 2021


  Theory of Conflictless Drama in Soviet Literature (Abstract) 

  Abtin Golkar, Tarbiat  Modares University

  April 19, 2021


  Grounding in Flat World (The lecture was cancelled.)

  Mohsen Zamani, IPM

  May 3, 2021


  A Critique of Adamson’s Interpretation of Avicenna’s Theory of God's Knowledge of Particulars (Abstract)

   Amirhossein Zadyousefi, Tarbiat  Modares University; IPM

  May 17, 2021



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